Friday, July 29, 2011

Damselfly (Supers!)

Public Identity: Zelma "Damselfly" Denninger
Secret Identity: None

Resistances (+7D)
Composure 3D
Fortitude 2D
Reaction 3D
Will 3D

Aptitudes (+3D)
Academia 3D (Entomology 4D)
Athleticism 2D
Technology 3D (Mechanical Engineering 4D)
All the Rest 1D

Powers (+11D)
Armor 2D (Device: Reinforced Flight Jacket)
Flight 3D (150 MPH in Atmosphere, Device: Artificial Wings)
Super Brain 3D
Super Science 3D (Gadget Pool 6D)
Super Senses 3D: Ultraviolet Vision 2D, 360° Vision 4D (Device: Helmet)

Ads (+1D)

Disads (-2D)
Dependent (son Nelson)
Public ID

Total: 20D

When Zelma Denninger's industrialist husband died unexpectedly, he left her with the family fortune and an infant son.  The bored widow returned to the scientific and engineering studies she had abandoned upon marriage and soon achieved startling breakthroughs in the mechanical replication of insect capabilities.  Although Zelma's initial debut as a hero was pure accident (she stopped a bank robbery in progress while testing her dragonfly-inspired wings and helmet), she swiftly realized that crime-fighting was a perfect opportunity to conduct field trials of her technology.  The press has nicknamed her "Damselfly," but her true identity is no secret: the family business makes more money with a famous science hero as its primary shareholder than it would with just plain old Mrs. Denninger.


  1. Cool character! Is it ok for SS3 and Gadget Pistol 6? I'm probably mixing this up with another game, but I thought the specialization was only 1D higher. Or I guess it's a gadget, so it doesn't matter.

  2. Doh! Misread it! It's a pool, not a pistol. Love the character!

  3. More of a GMPC, but yeah--in effect, Damselfly is an NPC.