Friday, July 2, 2010

Burnt Rubber (Supers!)

Public Identity: Burnt Rubber
Secret Identity: Maria Brophy

Composure 2D
Fortitude 2D
Reaction 4D
Will 2D

Athleticism 3D
Fighting 2D
Occultism 2D
All the Rest 1D

Insubstantiality 5D (Debilitating, Side Effect: Generates Nauseating Brimstone Cloud)
Regeneration 3D (Side Effect: Generates Nauseating Brimstone Cloud)
Super Speed 6D (Side Effect: Generates Nauseating Brimstone Cloud)

Maria Brophy was a sprinter who dreamed of gold medals and world records.  But the speed just wasn't there: she was destined for a life of bronze medals and no records.  Desperate, she turned to the occult and actually summoned up a demon.  He made her a deal: in exchange for her soul after death, he would given her super speed in life.  Of course, the demon cheated: Maria's newfound powers produced noxious clouds of brimstone whenever she used them, making it impossible for her to compete and win.  Realizing that she was now on a clock, the bitter runner turned to crime as a means of funding her hedonism.  She took up the alias "Burnt Rubber."  She is the newest member of the Ring of Fire.

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