Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire is a villain team with (unsurprisingly) a fire theme.  They are a deliberate tribute to my friend John Hartwell's Arctic Circle, the villain team that plagued the heroes in our college-era Champions campaign.  The members of the Ring of Fire include:
  • Pyre - Actor by day, villainous Human Torch by night.  The Ring's leader.
  • Igneous - A rocky bruiser with a lava touch.  Pyre's righthand man.
  • Burnt Rubber - She sold her soul for superspeed.  The Ring's newest recruit.
  • Dr. Sulphur - Alchemical master of the fires within.
Although the Ring was originally created for use in a Supers! one-shot (and will appear as such in the posts to follow this one), I plan on converting them to use in Icons as well.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blue Marble (Icons)

Here are the game statistics for Blue Marble, my first Icons character:

(Blue Marble's awesome portrait is the work of Dan Houser, Icons artist extraordinaire.)

Name: Blue Marble
Real Name: Professor Peter Stein
Origin: Transformed

Prowess 5
Coordination 4
Strength 7
Intellect 5
Awareness 5
Willpower 7

Stamina: 14
Determination: 1

Science Expert (Ecology)

Blast 5 (Blasting)
Elemental Control 4 (Earth)
Invulnerability 5
Leaping 4

Catchphrase: "Time to knuckle down!" (or similar marbles-themed phrases)
Epithet: Gaian Goliath
Motivation: Protect Mother Earth

Enemy: The Slurry
Social: Public Identity
Social: Rocky Monster

When Professor Peter Stein’s scientific experiments failed to prove his version
of the Gaian Hypothesis, he turned to the mystical arts in an attempt to locate
and speak with the spirit of the Earth. He succeeded—but at the cost of his
human form. Now he fights to protect the planet from those who would despoil
it. If that goal sometimes pits him against other heroes, so be it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Origin Story

Kracalactaka! exists to provide its creator (yours truly) with an outlet for his superhero gaming creations and thoughts.  It didn't seem right to clutter Vargold: The Wolf-Time with this sort of material—the readers of that blog expect material appropriate for sword-and-sorcery gaming.  So I've given the superheroes this blog to call their own.

The blog's name is actually a sound effect from Thor #340, the fourth issue of Walt Simonson's acclaimed mid-1980s run on the book.  Simonson's opening storyline (retroactively named The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill) is the narrative that hooked me on superhero comics.  (Prior to that I was primarily a collector of sword-and-sorcery titles like DC's Warlord and Marvel's Conan the Barbarian.)  Although Simonson is a well-regarded writer-illustrator, it's perhaps his sound effects (produced via collaboration with letterer extraordinaire John Workman) that are most notorious among hardcore comic book fans.  In picking out a name for the blog, I considered such beauties as "Shrrakadoom!" (Thor #351), "Karakathoom!" (Thor #362), and "Kkrakkadoooum!" (Thor #380).  But I settled on Kracalactaka! on the basis of this panel:

How can anyone resist this sound effect?  It's the noise generated as the Norse god of thunder and his horse-headed alien doppelganger clash their mystical uru-metal mallets together, people!  Cue the wailing guitars, and let's get down to some superheroic gaming!